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45 Available Name Ideas for Your Fashion Blog

45 Available Name Ideas For Your Fashion Blog

One of the hardest parts of starting a fashion blog is coming up with name ideas. When you have a name that you like, you then need to go and see if it is available as a .com – and a lot of times it is taken. I’ve brainstormed a list of catchy and memorable fashion blog names, which are all available as a .com – so take your pick (before they are taken).

Before I get to the list, I thought it would be good to show off some fashion blogs that have clever, cool, and creatives names

Available Fashion Names

When you find a fashion name that you want to use, head over to Bluehost (before the name gets taken). Here you can set up a hosting account which comes with a free .com domain name. It is the same company I use for Hatch and Scribe, and Home Tree Atlas.

Click on any of the names below and you will be taken to a page where I will show you how to register it as a .com

Getting Started

When you have a name that you like, the next step is to set up a hosting account. Go to Bluehost where you will be able to start a hosting account with a free .com name (select the ‘Starter’ plan’).

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