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#Blogger Life: Online Blogging Course

#Blogger Life: The Online Blogging Course That Makes Starting a Blog So Much Easier by Hatch and Scribe

#Blogger Life: The Online Blogging Course That Makes Starting a Blog So Much Easier by Hatch and Scribe

#Blogger Life: The Online Blogging Course That Makes Starting a Blog So Much Easier by Hatch and Scribe


#Blogger Life

The Online Blogging Course That Makes Starting a Blog So Much Easier

Here are the 5 biggest problems new bloggers face when they want to start their own blog:

1. Coming up with a name. For most people this is the main reason they have not started.

2. “How do you set up a blog?” There are a few steps to getting your new blog live. And I’ll walk you through them all.

3. Making it look good

4. It’s hard to get traffic early on – see Episode #5

5. And the BIGGEST problem new bloggers have, is that 95% of them quit blogging in the first month. This course is deigned to prevent that.

Who am I? My name is Jacob, and I run the home design blog Home Tree Atlas, which has been featured on the likes of Huffington Post and Apartment Therapy.

Limited Places Per Month: Since I spend a lot of time with each person to get their blog started, I only have a certain number of spots available each month. I usually work with 10 people a month.

Spots left for the month of March: 6

Episode #1: Blog Planning Session and Workbook

You want your new blog to be catchy and memorable. A blog that people will come back to.

To do this, you’ll need to plan what your blog is going to be about. What will make it unique, get specific about the theme and topic, and start coming up with some rough blog post ideas.

1 on 1 email sessions and workbook

Episode #2: Blog Name Brainstorming Session

It’s time to get creative, and come up with a catchy blog name idea.

Pocket ebook, exercise book, and 1 on 1 email sessions and consultation

Episode #3: Registering Your .Com and Get Your Blog Set Up

The 3 Super Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Blog

A 1 on 1 email session walk through and guidance

Episode #4: A Custom Blog Header Design

This course even includes getting your very own blog head design, designed by me. For an idea of the kind of blog header you’ll get, check out the Hatch and Scribe one above.

1 on 1 email session, finished custom blog header

Episode #5: A Custom Pinterest Header Template

Along with a custom blog header design, I will also be designing you a Pinterest header template. If you take a look at my blog posts, you’ll see a large image at the beginning of each post. Not only do these bring the blog post to life, but really help in getting your posts spread on

Finished custom blog header

Episode #6: Blog Post Ideas

To make sure you are full of ideas when you start out your blog, we will both come up with creative 20+ blog post ideas for you to get started on

1 on 1 email session, a list of creative blog post ideas

Mini Guides Series

And here are 3 mini guides you’ll be getting at the end of the course to get you through your first few months as a blogger:

Mini Guide #1: The 6 Mistakes

The 6 Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making When Starting a Blog.

I’ve seen a lot of people start their own blogs. And most of them make the same few mistakes which ends with them quitting blogging early. This mini guide will prevent you from making those mistakes.

Mini Guide #2: Your First Month

A guide for what you should be focusing on your first month as a blogger.

Mini Guide #3: How To Make Money With a Blog As A Beginner Blogger

This guide goes over 8 types of money making opportunities for hard working new bloggers. It includes ways that I and other bloggers are using social networks to get sponsorships and how to make money on Instagram.

The Blogging Course That Makes Starting a Blog So Much Easier

This course costs: $125

Spots left for the month of March: 6

This course is designed to get you set up with a great looking blog, and makes sure you have a plan when starting out. My goal is to make sure you don’t end up quitting after the first month like so many new bloggers do.

Send me a message below and I’ll get back to you on how to get started.

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