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The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger

I split my time between writing posts on how to start your own blog here on Hatch and Scribe, and running my home design website Home Tree Atlas. It has taken a lot of hard work but I am now a full time blogger.

Here are some of the most important perks you get when you become a full time blogger.

1. Your Own Creative Outlet

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #1 A Creative Outlet

You blog becomes a place for you to experiment, learn, create, and try new things.

2. There Is Less Stress When You Own Your Time

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #2 You Own Your Time

I get to own my time. None of it is wasted on meetings.

I like working out when the whether is good, which means going for a run during the middle of the day. I can go shopping during the middle of the work week when the shops are less busy.

3. Time To Study/Master a Passion

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #3 Master a Hobby

You get to focus your time on getting better at a hobby and a subject that interests you deeply. And keeping a blog about it keeps you accountable since it is made public, and you get to see your progress as your blog grows.

4. Getting to Launch New Ventures

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #4 Launch Something New

Turning a blog into a business itself, is a challenge and hard to maintain.

But once you have built an audience for your specific subject, you can leverage this by launching mini businesses – whether that is in the form of online courses, books, products, or starting an online shop.

5. Making Money

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #5 Making Money

Being able to make money by doing something that you love is always a perk.

6. Ambition – Nothing is Stopping You

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #6 Your Ambition

You don’t have to wait on anybody, or get the green light from a boss to work on something. You are in total control – and you can push as hard as you want, or even take it easy when you need too.

For me everyday feels like a workday, but at the same time everyday feels like the weekend. I get to work on whatever I want to, and at the same time I can take a TV break and have lunch – or head outside for a run.

7. Location Independence

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #7 Location Independence

Everything is online. Which means you can take your laptop and continue working on a beach in Asia, or within the mountains of Nepal.

You can even hire an online assistant in a totally different country to help you keep everything running smoothly.

8. Meeting New People

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #8 Meeting New People

When you have the power of your blog behind you, it feels easier to reach out to others within your topic – to chat and share ideas. You have some authority in your field when you have a blog that you have built. “Hi I’m Jacob from Home Tree Atlas, I was wondering how….”

9. Helping Others

The 9 Perks of Being a Blogger: #9 Helping Others

Once you know how to create a successful blog, and all the techniques that come with building it (social media, photography, post ideas, etc), you can start helping other people create their own ideal lifestyle around their hobbies and passions.

Which is what I am doing here on Hatch and Scribe.

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