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Becoming a Travel Blogger: Ideas for Creative Travel Blog Names

Becoming a Travel Blogger:  Ideas for Creative Travel Blog Names

How to create name ideas for a travel blog. Starting a Travel Blog Guide.

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When it comes to starting your own travel blog, the hardest step is going to be coming up with a name. It needs to be catchy, memorable and meaningful. And it has to be available as a .com. Setting up your blog and registering your domain is the easy part. The name can be tricky.

In this post I’ll show you the 3 steps I use to help people brainstorm name ideas for their travel blogs. You will also find a list I’ve made of catchy travel blog names that are available right now – which you can take.

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Step 1: What Is Your Travel Blog Going To Be About?

The first step to coming up with a travel blog name is to write out what you want your blog to be about. Try and be as specific as possible – as this helps with finding words to use in your blog name.

So write out a paragraph saying what you want your blog to be about:

  • What will it about?
  • Why do you want to create a travel blog?

Step 2: Getting Specific Word Ideas

Look at the paragraph you wrote and start picking out the specific words that describe your blog. Take these words and find other words that describe them – use the thesaurus.

Will your travel blog be about:

  • Luxury travel (Glamour, Glitz, 5 Stars, Concierge, Room Service, Mini Bar, First Class)
  • Budget travel (Backpack, Hostel, Bunk Beds, Penny)
  • Adventure travel (Outdoors, Trails, Active, Wilderness)
  • Minimalist travel (Raw, Bare, Without a Paddle, Clothes on my Back, Air Tight, Pockets)

Try and come up with as many words as possible that describe your blog. We can then mix these words with travel related words to create your travel blog name.

custom travel blog logo designs

Step 3: Mix in The Travel Words

Take the words you’ve just come up with that describe your blog and mix them with the words below about traveling:




Baggage Claim

Front Desk














Beach Towel



























That is just a short list of travel related words, see if you can come up with more.

Seeing it In Action: Brainstorming Travel Blog Name Ideas

“I want my travel blog to be about spontaneous travel. Where you don’t have every single detail planned. You go with the flow. You meet people, and do things together.”

Name Ideas:

  • Napkin Maps
  • The Wandering Compass
  • Boarding Later
  • No Road Signs
  • Lost Maps
  • Blindfolds and Maps
  • Bohemian Postcards

Name Ideas: “I don’t really know what I am going to get up to on my travels, but I just want a blog to share with my family and friends back home.”

  • Postcards to (home town)
  • To (home town) With Love
  • Leaving (home town)
  • (name)’s Mini Bar
  • Gate J (the first letter of your name)

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble coming up with names/words, then here are three things you can do to come up with more ideas:

  1. Keep Describing Your Blog: Go back to your paragraph that describes your blog. Keep writing out what you want your blog to be about. Get specific.
  2. Ask Why?: Keep asking yourself “why?”:

    Why do I want to start a adventure travel blog?

    “Because I like being outdoors” (word ideas: wilderness, trails, Mt. (any name), hiking)

    Why do I like being outdoors?

    “I like being close to nature” (word ideas: birds, mud, forest, trees, branches, leaves, wind, elements)

    “and being free” (word ideas: rebel, open, pirate, uncharted, pioneer)

    “and living with what I have in my backpack” (backpack, survival, primal, gear, fire).

  3. Use Your Friend: Your friend is going to be the thesaurus. Type in all of the descriptive words you have in your paragraph about your blog. Type in the words from your travel related word list.

Spoons of Wanderlust

Finding Departures

The Red Passport

Tickets and Headphones

Boarding Happiness

Gate Uncharted

Gate (the first letter of your name)

(your name)’s Island

Compass and Passport

A Backpack Full of Adventure

Postcards From a Flying Carpet

Maps and Airplane Windows

Letters of Honey

Letters from the Uncharted

Napkin Maps

Ticket Stubs and Compasses

Postcards and Maps

The Yellow Backpack

Torn Maps

Expedition 26

Sipping on a Beach

The Yellow Gate

My Heart on the Road

District (the first letter of your name)

(your name) Street

Compass Street

Leaving (home town)

Wanderlust Pockets

Coins and Maps

Gypsy Cartography

Registering Your Travel Blog Name

To register you blog name, you need to go to BlueHost. Select the “Starter Plan”, and then type in your name in the “New Domain” section.

BlueHost will host your travel blog for your and register your domain name for free. I use BlueHost to host and register Hatch and Scribe.

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Once you’ve filled out your account details on BlueHost, you’ll own your own travel blog.

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