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51 Available Photography Name Ideas for a Business, Website or Blog

51 Available Photography Name Ideas for Your Business, Website, or Blog

I know that it is pretty tough to come up with a name for a photography business or blog. And what makes it even harder is trying to find a name that is available as a .com. This is why I have brainstormed and created this list of 51 photography name ideas that are available as a .com. You can take anyone of the names I’ve listed below (before they are used by someone else).

Here are some examples of photography websites that have memorable and catchy names:

  • The Law Tog – a photography website blog about the law of photography
  • Strobist – a website about lighting by world famous photographer David Hobby
  • Fstoppers – community for all things photography and video

Available Photography Names

So here is the list of available photography business names that you can take as a .com.

Get your photography website as a .com (before it is taken) with BlueHost. It is the same company I use for Hatch and Scribe and Home Tree Atlas. 

You can also click on the name that you want – and I will show you how to register it (the name ideas in bold are my favorite.)

Getting Started

When you have a name that you want to use for your photography company or website, you then want to go over to Bluehost where you can sign up for a hosting account (select the ‘Starter’ plan). With this hosting account you get a free .com domain name.

I have a guide here if you need any help setting up your account.

Get your photography website as a .com with BlueHost. Go with the Starter Plan for only $3.95 a month.

Coming Up With Your Own Name Ideas

If you still have not found a name that you like, you can check out my guide here (How To Brainstorm Blog Name Ideas You’ll Love) which will take you through different creative exercises to create a list of your own name ideas.

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